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Sulzer-FRC DAF
Sulzer-FRC DAF

Sulzer FRC DAF
Sulzer-FRC DAF
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Sulzer FRC DAF
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For almost 50 years, FRC Systems has delivered thousands of system installations worldwide.

FRC was founded in 1979 as a provider of wastewater treatment equipment to the food processing industry. Over the following two decades, FRC emerged as the eminent dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems provider to many of the food processing industry’s largest companies. From there, FRC began expanding its services to general manufacturing, oil and gas and municipal applications.

In 2008, FRC Environmental was renamed FRC Systems International to better reflect the growing global reach of FRC. Our focus expanded to include screens, sludge dewatering, biological treatment systems, Moving Bed Bio Reactor (MBBR), Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), and Continuous Waste Activated Sludge (CWAS).

Today, FRC is part of the Chemtech division of Sulzer, where our clients receive our expert team’s dedicated attention backed by Sulzer’s global resources.

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